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Sick for the first time this year

I haven’t been sick for quite a while!  Now that I think about it, it’s actually been 2 years since I’ve gotten sick.  Last year, I didn’t even have the usual sinusitus!  I guess I’m not so lucky this year.  I guess I got it as I was trying to get over jet lag and I’m sure my immune system was down from all the traveling.

This time, it’s bad as I’ve got this damn low grade fever that my body just can’t seem to stop.  I’m alternating between being in a cold sweat to hot sweat.  Luckily, I’m not achy but I’m definitely exhausted most of the time.  I’m drinking plenty of water (and having to piss it out often).

It really sucks as I want to start editing my Philippines photos but I start getting sleepy if I sit too long staring at the pictures.  All I’m doing is sleeping most of the time and that’s not helping me get my body clock back where it should be.

I hope I can get over this crap without having to take any antibiotics.  I shouldn’t complain as I don’t feel sinus pain.  Now, that is worse than feeling exhausted most of the time!

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Back from vacation

I didn’t post during my 6 week vacation in the Philippines as I didn’t have reliable internet access in the province.  My mom doesn’t see the point in getting an internet line put in when she’s only in the Philippines 2-3 months out of the year each time she goes back.  I agree, it’s a waste when they make you sign a contract.

The best option was to get a pocket wifi or portable wifi service.  The problem with that was our house in Naga City is right smack in the middle of a fucking dead zone for all cellular services!  Doesn’t matter if you have Smart or Globe service, you will get either no service or weak 2 bars.  Basically, you’d have to stand in the middle of our street, just past our house to get a full 4 bars to get a text message to send.

Sometimes, I’d get service depending on the way the wind blew.  At night, I could sometimes get fast internet in my room with the pocket wifi near the window but that would come and go while I was surfing.  So, I pretty much gave up the idea of posting to my blog during my stay.  It was easier to upload pics to Instagram at that point.

I got back on April 4th very late so I’m dealing with jetlag.  I’m more exhausted than I am sleepy.  I normally sleep for 6 hours and I’m good.  Today, I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 3pm!  GRRR!  I will try to do better tonight and force myself to go to sleep.  I couldn’t help it last nite, I had to catch up on all of the vlogs that Casey Neistat posted while I was gone!

I have a ton of pics to post here so just bear with me!

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Philippines trip 2017

In about a month, I will be going back to visit the Philippines.  It’s been almost 10 years since my last visit.  This time, I will only be staying for 6 weeks, instead of 10 weeks.

I’m excited to go back for a visit, but at the same time, not happy about having to deal with the humid weather.  It’s winter here right now and I’m loving the cold weather.  We had such a long summer last year that it was a relief to finally get cold weather by Thanksgiving!  Now my winter will be cut short.

I am planning on shooting some travel vlogs this time, in addition to the usual photos.  I’ve already bought backup batteries, extra charger and another 64gb SD card so I should be good to go.

Maybe blogging from the Philippines daily will help me get back into the groove of posting again.  I know the every day aspect of shooting pics, editing and posting helped while I was there.  Fingers crossed!

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After dinner Thanksgiving shopping

I had to put back a bunch of other dvds as I decided I could wait until next year when they would go down in price from $7-$9 to $4.  I’m a very tight budget at the moment as I’m in between jobs.  More on that in another post!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Never again, , JoAnn!

I’m not talking about myself but JoAnn Fabric and Crafts!  The first time I ordered from their online website, it literally took 2 weeks for me to get my order.  I swore I would never order from them again!

Then I was tempted by an instagram post by someone regarding the Nuvo Crystal Drops by Tonic Studios.  These days, I’ve been into papercrafting!  I wanted to try these out since they were on sale for $2.09 at JoAnn’s and there was free shipping.  I ordered several and placed my order on a Saturday.

Well, my order was stuck in PROCESSING until the following Thursday!  It didn’t ship until Friday, after Fed Ex had already picked up from their facility.  So, my order literally didn’t leave until the 22nd.  A whole week and couple of days after I placed my order!  I still won’t get it until the 27th!  Saturday!

I just don’t understand why JoAnn’s takes so long to process orders!  They shouldn’t even bother having an online shop if they are going to take that long to do orders!

It sucks that there is only ONE JoAnn’s store in Memphis and on the other side of Memphis, at that!  I really hate the store because they hardly have a selection in papercrafts!  Michaels has a much bigger selection BUT JoAnn’s carries brands that neither Michaels or Hobby Lobby (in my area) carry!  Also, JoAnn’s has better coupons.

After I get my order, NEVER AGAIN!  I mean it!  Won’t order from their slow service!